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Senior Premier Plan is an online community that provides various tools that can help you save money, stay informed and live a healthier life.

Senior Advantage customers get access to a portal, educational materials, blogs, online events like Zoom-Bingo, and much more.

Our mission is to make life better for the 50-plus population by providing them with modern resources and tools they can use in their daily life.

Specialized Healthcare Solutions focused on you. 

Be the first to know about the latest healthcare treatments and services offered at the Crescent Senior Center. 

Browse weekly announcements, engaging blogs, and events. 

Instead of spending hours each day looking for healthcare treatment options, simply login to our online portal and have access to schedule and learn about all of our specialists, all in one place. 

Enroll in the Medicare Premier program by filling out the form on the first page. You will soon receive your Premier Member Card in the mail!

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For immediate results, we offer the COVID-19 Antigen test via our Emergency Room, 24/7/365. Once tested, you can expect to see your results in 2-3 hours. We also offer the PCR COVID-19 test, with the results coming from a reference lab, with results available in about 36 hours. 


COVID-19 Rapid Test is covered by health insurance and $165 to the uninsured.

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