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Family history and various lifestyle factors can contribute to an increased risk of disease. And the best way to beat many diseases is to prevent them.

It's important that you understand your risk to be a better advocate for your health and the health of your loved ones. The following risk assessments will compare your risk to the average for your age and ethnicity, as well as identify the level of risk or any risk factors that you may have.

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Breast Cancer Assessment

Our Breast Cancer Risk Assessment helps to estimate you or a loved one's lifetime risk of breast cancer, compare your risk to the average for your age and ethnicity and identify your different types of breast cancer risk factors. Take the Breast Cancer Risk Assessment

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Cardiac Risk Assessment

Our Cardiac Risk Assessment helps to compare your actual age to your estimated heart biological age. it also helps you estimate your risk of developing cardiovascular disease and identify management options for your most harmful cardiovascular risk factors. Take the HeartAge: Cardiac Risk Assessment

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Heart Disease Assessment

The following free questionnaire will help determine if you are at risk for heart disease. After answering a few simple questions from the comfort and privacy of your home, you will receive an immediate score and information to help evaluate your present condition as well as tips for lowering your risk

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Diabetes Risk Assessment

Our Diabetes Risk Assessment helps estimate your personal risk for diabetes and metabolic syndrome. It also provides information on diabetes risk factors and identifies ways to improve them. Take the Diabetes Risk Assessment

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Joint Health Assessment

Our Joint Assessment helps evaluate your knee or hip function. The profiler shows how your pain may be impacting your daily life and suggests ways to improve it. Take the Joint Health Assessment

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Back & Neck  Assessment

Our Back and Neck Risk Assessment helps asses how spine pain impacts your daily activity and help you learn what factors may play a role in your spine pain. Take the Back and Neck Health Assessment

Lung Screening Assessment

Our Lung Screening Assessment helps to determine if you or a loved one is an appropriate candidate for Low-Dose CT lung screenings. This technique, pioneered by Penn Medicine, can lead to 20 percent fewer lung cancer-related deaths a year. Take the Lung Screening Assessment

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Peripheral Artery Disease Assessment

Our Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Assessment helps to estimate your risk of developing PAD. The profiler provides key information about PAD and how it can affect you. It also helps you identify your risk factors and understand how to improve them. 



Senior Care

Our healthcare
 team will recommend see you once a month and oversee all 
aspects of your healthcare needs, whether you are sick or
well. Your PCP will monitor your health and medications, order your on-site tests and screenings and coordinate your care with all of your specialists. 

Onsite Diagnostic Testing

Crescent Senior Medical Center provides different diagnostic services so you don’t have to go to multiple places to get them done. We are equipped with the latest technology to provide faster testing and diagnoses. Our services include:

  • Blood work

  • Digital ultrasound

  • EKGs (heart tests)

  • Tests for flu and strep

  • Urinalysis

  • X-Rays

Medication Home-Delivery Available

ASP Cares, our preferred pharmacy, you can enjoy the convenience of getting the prescriptions you need at home. This gives you and your doctor an opportunity to discuss how and when to take your medications and address any concerns you may have about them during your visit or over the phone.

Door-to-Doctor Transportation Available

Crescent Senior Medical Center offers door-to-doctor, non-emergency transportation for our Medicare Premier Patients who qualify. (Contact our office staff to learn more.) Get door-to-doctor transportation service when you need to see your primary care physician or specialist for regularly scheduled appointments.

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Catch memory problems early, take the SAGE test.

The Self-Administered Gerocognitive Exam (SAGE) was developed at Ohio State as a basic way to test basic cognitive functions. This is an easy, 12-question form that should take no more than 15 minutes.

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